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What to expect

  • My style of sessions are laid back, relaxed, light-hearted, and most importantly fun. 

  • I strive to create memories that aren't posed or faked. I want all my photos to be real life moments frozen forever. 

  • No matter if it's your wedding day or session day, I will always have a laid back approach. Being aggressive is not my thing.

  • I will always constructively let you know what I think is best, but It's definitely not my way or the highway. making you happy and fulfilled by your photos, is my top priority.

  • don't like using the word pose, but I will 100% guide you the entire session making sure no moments look awkward or unflattering.

  • During your session, I'll most likely ask you questions to get to know you. I truly want you to feel like a friend is taking your photos. Leaving your session, I want you to have made a new friend in me.

  • I will always give you the opportunity to let me know if there are any poses or moments you want me to capture

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